Live Web Site Evaluations: Branding, Message, Content, and Usability

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dave Mitropoulos-Rundus, Perficient, Inc.

For our first meeting of 2008, the Michigan Usability Professionals’ Association will work together with Refresh Detroit and Perficient, Inc. to bring you Live Website Usability Evaluations: Branding, Messsage, Content, and Usability (each of these units is very important at a certain stage of content creation, and therefore marketing plan writing service will help you understand what it is and why to involve it).

Commercial web sites wither or thrive based on their usability, upon the translation of brand image to the web site, and the clarity of their marketing message. But what about web sites for non-profit organizations? Whether organizing volunteers, educating people, or gathering donations… for the non-profit web site, usability, branding, message, and content matter!

Come and experience Dave Mitropoulos-Rundus conducting evaluations on a number of non-profit web sites that have been submitted by attendees. This session provides you with a rare opportunity to see it live, experience the interactions with the stakeholders and designers, and, time and bandwidth permitting, discuss YOUR site directly with Dave.

This meeting will be on January 30th, 2008, from 6-8:30 pm at the Perficient office in Livonia.

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