Information Architect – 4 Positions

HTC Consulting, Detroit, Michigan

Responsible for requirements determination, definition and documentation using the RUP process. Will work to define the functional architecture analysis. Responsible for the creation of the User Interface Design, Use Case definition, UML Modeling, Supplementary Specification, and Traceability Matrix. Is responsible for business application design and analysis. Will assist in testing, training and implementation of applications. Working independently within guidelines, formulates and defines system scope and objective based on user needs and thorough understanding of business processes. Leads internal and external business and customer groups on process improvement projects designed to improve business results. Provides high-level technical guidance concerning business implications of application development projects. Gathers and analyzes information and provides recommendations to address and resolve business issues for a specific business group. Builds relationships with peers and their teams to ensure objectives are achieved. Extensive creativity required across areas of expertise. A high proficiency level in specific job related skills is required.

Critical Technical Expertise/Software Skills:
Software Skills to include, but not limited to:
iRise Studio
Requisite Pro
Rational Rose Modeler
iRise Connect
MS Office Tools:MS Excel,MS PowerPoint,MS Visio

Critical Skills:
Business Assessment: Subject matter depth and breadth
Has led the development of business assessment documents for major projects.
Is able to conduct business assessment reviews and walk-through for complex projects.
Is knowledgeable in business assessment tools and techniques across multiple methodologies.
Monitors industry and company effectiveness and experiences, initiates improvements.
Has led development of methodology in independent business assessment practices.
Has defined the best practices for benefits analysis, risk assessment.

Functional Requirements Analysis: Subject matter depth and breadth
Has significant experience with many and varied functional requirements analyses.
Has defined best practices for functional analysis and requirements definition.
Has expertise and broad experience using modeling tools for multiple requirements.
Has established and communicated best practices for the requirements analysis phase.
Monitors industry and vendor products for improvements and enhancements.
Holds leadership position in identifying and implementing new tools and techniques.

Interpersonal Relationships: Subject matter depth and breadth
Is highly effective at building partnerships with other functions or departments.
Coaches others on developing and maintaining cooperative and satisfying relationships.
Sets the tone for interacting with other business functions or units.
Creates initiatives that foster communication, directness and spirit of cooperation.
Has dealt effectively with many highly difficult people and situations.
Is acknowledged as an expert in arbitrating difficult situations with high stakes.

Verbal Communications: Subject matter depth and breadth
Has consistently communicated difficult or complex ideas clearly and effectively.
Has communicated effectively with senior technical and business associates.
Has communicated effectively with a wide variety of technical and business audiences.
Analyzes and presents the right message or issue in a clear, concise, and logical manner.
Is experienced with public speaking (e.g. professional groups, conferences, media).
Uses a broad range of techniques in communicating complex ideas to diverse populations.

System and Technology Integration: Extensive experience
Can discuss major issues, interfaces, considerations and potential pitfalls and risks.
Can monitor industry trends and directions.
Designs and develops applications or technology interfaces and bridges.
Has consulted to line areas on data, technology and application integration issues.
Has identified and quantified risks of proposed alternatives to system or technology integration.

Decision Making and Critical Thinking: Extensive experience
Is experienced with using decision-making approaches such as consultative, command or consensus. Can differentiate assumptions, perspectives, and historical frameworks.
Has experience with analyzing relevant data and assessing implications of alternative decisions.
Can identify decision options and points and predict their potential impact.
Has evaluated past decisions for insight and improved decision-making process. Is able to identify, analyze and discuss alternatives with multiple stakeholders.
Can discuss optimal timing and circumstances for either refraining from or making a decision.
Can discuss and differentiate between content and context of a decision.
Can describe special issues and considerations for effective decision-making during a crisis.

Accuracy & Attention to Detail: Extensive Experience
Has experience with processing significant amounts of information with high levels of accuracy.
Can discuss the value and associated costs of formal walkthroughs.
Has designed techniques for measuring the cost and impact of errors.
Can describe manual and electronic tools and techniques for enhancing accuracy.
Supports and communicates the organization’s quality management process.
Has coached others in methods of identifying and correcting errors, oversights and omissions.

IT Standards, Procedures, Policies: Extensive experience
Develops control and monitoring mechanisms.
Collaborates with other functions on establishing and documenting joint standards.
Can elaborate on impact of standards and policies across functional specialties.
Understands existing and evolving technology standards and their impact.
Has expert knowledge of cross-functional standards and procedures.

Problem Solving: Extensive experience

Knowledge of approaches, tools, techniques for recognizing, anticipating, and resolving organizational, operational or process problems.

Has analyzed and synthesized information and devised alternative resolution strategies.
Has repeatedly brought about successful resolutions to critical or wide-impact problems.

Gains agreement on the problem-solving process, risk assessment, decision points and criteria.
Considers long-term trends and broad business implications for alternatives.
Can provide solutions and best practices for solving problems not previously encountered.
Has successfully organized problem solvers and stakeholders for high-impact problems.
Has significant experience with eliciting alternatives and assessing their impact.
Has brought about successful resolutions to numerous high-impact or cross-functional problems.

Managing Multiple Priorities: Extensive Experience

Clarifies and effectively handles multiple concurrent and diverse activities.
Quickly identifies potential conflicts that impact current delivery commitments.
Works with or leads others to re-prioritize work and reschedule delivery dates as necessary.
Is able to re-prioritize or re-negotiate changing commitments.
Responds to shifting priorities while maintaining progress of regularly scheduled work.
Handles multiple initiatives at the same time and integrates them into a comprehensive plan.
Monitors complex dependencies and responds accordingly.
Has a keen sense of business priorities and adjusts work effort accordingly.
Can discuss the relationship and impact of strategic goals on tactical priorities.
Is experienced with addressing a multitude of critical, diverse and complex issues simultaneously.
Can elaborate on methods, tools, and techniques for managing organizational-level priorities.

Other Skills with extensive experience:
Meeting Management
System Development Lifecycle: RUP and/or Waterfall
IT Architecture
User Interface Design
Workflow Analysis
Office Support Tools

Plus Skills (not mandatory):
Health Care Insurance IT background specializing in Providers.
Dental Care IT background
Medicare background

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