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Interview with Brian Phelps on User Interface Prototyping Tools

This interview was recorded on December 3, 2006.

Brian Phelps, an employee of Pfizer in Ann Arbor, presented to the MIUPA on “A Survey of User Interface Prototyping Tools” in August of 2006. Four months later, Timothy Keirnan caught up with Brian to review what Brian told the chapter about GUI prototyping in that meeting.

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Interview with Robert R. Johnson on Teaching Usable Software Design

Usability Education in the Copper Country: Teaching Usable Software Design at Michigan Tech

Timothy Keirnan spent part of his recent vacation to the Keweenaw Peninsula of upper Michigan talking with Professor Robert R. Johnson, Chair of the Humanities Department at Michigan Technological University. In this interview, Dr. Johnson talks about a National Science Foundation project to teach user-centered design to software engineering undergraduates.

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Interview with Paul Green on Usability-in-Driving

The following interview was recorded on April 19, 2005.

Dr. Paul Green hosted MIUPA’s December 2004 meeting at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. Besides describing UMTRI’s mission and projects, he took us upstairs to let us try the driving simulator. Tim Keirnan caught up with Dr. Green four months later to discuss more usability-in-driving issues, current projects at UMTRI, and the value of side-impact airbags in today’s new cars.

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Interview with Josephine Scott on the Usability of Voting Systems

Josephine Scott presented on usability of voting systems at MIUPA’s October 2004 chapter meeting. Tim Keirnan caught up with her in January, 2005, to hear her reflections on America’s 2004 election.

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Interview with Tom Brinck on Focus Groups and Usability Testing

In which Tim catches up with Tom Brinck to discuss reasons for doing both focus groups and usability testing in Diamond Bullet’s projects, as well as usability anecdotes from shopping experiences around Ann Arbor…

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