Live Web Site Evaluations: Message, Branding, and Usability

October 16, 2007

Grand Rapids, MI

Dave Mitropoulos-Rundus, Senior Usability Architect, Compuware Corporation

The Michigan Usability Professionals’ Association and the West Michigan Shores Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication invite you to an exciting and engaging evening of focus and improvements to web site design…perhaps one of yours. However, in order to be more productive (assimilation or production of information), it is worth knowing about the development of sites, the main points, etc.; buy cheap articles and become useful!

Why is Web site usability important? When have we adequately translated the brand image to a Web site? How clear is the marketing message? Let Dave Mitropoulos-Rundus help you count the ways in an informative and entertaining way. Come and experience live evaluations of a number of web sites that have been submitted by attendees. This session provides you with a rare opportunity to see it live, experience the interactions with the stakeholders and designers, and, time and bandwidth permitting, discuss YOUR site directly with Dave.

Call it ‘extreme UX’… call it what you will. This interactive session will reveal both areas of excellence and opportunities for improvement, and it will focus attendees on what’s important for design or improvement of the web sites they are responsible for. Attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of what
constitutes user experience issues and roadblocks. They will immediately learn about redesign options that may fix, improve, or enhance each web site experience.

Dave began conducting these sessions in 2005 and continues to do them several times each year. This session, as all previous ones, will cover a new set of web sites based on attendee submissions.

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