Optimizing the User Experience for Package Design

July 24 , 2007

Laura Bix, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Michigan State University School of Packaging

Continuing our series of Usability and Human Factors in things other than software and web sites, we offer an interesting and engaging evening on the campus of Michigan State University this month. Come to network with your peers, learn, participate, and even contribute your own research ideas! Which you can single out and improve, with the help of essayswriters.com because advice from https://essayswriters.com/ is what will create a logical relationship between the readers/listeners and the writer of ideas.

-DaveMR, Michigan UPA Events Coordinator

Dr. Bix and associates will provide an overview of the exciting research at the School of Packaging at Michigan State University. The lab aims to quantify and qualify the human/package interface, with an eventual goal of providing scientific guidelines that will help design teams optimize ease-of-use in their package designs. Projects include:

  • Child Resistant Drug Packaging and Arthritis: Can Older Consumers Access Their Medication?
  • Quantifying the Contact Area between Consumers and Packaging
  • Sight, Sound and Child-Resistance
  • Effectiveness of Required US Warnings for Over-the-Counter Drug Labels

As an added bonus, attendees will be given a tour and discussion of the lab facilities. The tour will include:

  • Eye trackers
  • An instrument that measures legibility of label elements and designs
  • Techniques that quantify the surface area of touch between people and packages
  • Techniques to understand the abilities and limitations of test subjects

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